LG Magic Remote control

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  • Cat No: UR_LG
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Universal Remote control for LG Smart TV

Connects with the TV via USB.
Some buttons can be programmed from the original TV or rеceiver remote ( Power of STB, Screen Remote, Pointer, STB Menu, Focus) 

Compatible with: 

OLED TV: 2017: C7, B7 2018: W8, E8, C8, B8 2019: W9, E9, C9, B9

 NanoCell: 2017: SJ95xx, SJ85xx, SJ81xx 2018: SK95xx, SK85xx, SK81xx, SK79xx 2019: SM98xx, SM90xx, SM86xx, SM85xx, SM82xx

UHD 4K: 2017: UJ75xx, UJ70xx, UJ67xx, UJ65xx, UJ63xx, UJ62xx 2018: UK75xx, UK69xx, UK67xx, UK65xx, UK64xx, UK63xx, UK61xx 2019: UM76xx, UM75xx, UM74xx, UM73xx, UM71xx
 FullHD: 2018: LK62xx, LK61xx 2019: LM63xx
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