PRC1296 programmable TV remote control

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  • Cat No: PRC_1296
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Experience ultimate control with our IR computer programmable remote control for one device (TV). With the convenience of  Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and smart app buttons, accessing your favorite content has never been easier.
Our remote comes  with a database of over 800,000 models, making it compatible with virtually any TV or receiver.
With 54 buttons, this remote offers multiple programmable options, giving you the flexibility to customize it to your specific needs. Upgrade your TV viewing experience with our advanced programmable remote control.

IR computer programmable remote control for one device (TV).
An IR programmer (not included in the price), connects to the computer and by means of software (download below) the remote is programmed for the desired brand and model of TV.
Huge factory database of models and ever growing internet shared database.
Maximum comfort when managing your equipment.
The PRC1296 is a new type of remote that is programmable and convenient for controlling TV equipment.
It supports a huge number of brands and models.
Ability to read original remotes and save them in a TXT file.
Database with more than 800,000 models. Multiple programmable!
* 54 buttons
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